Unparalleled customer service in the building code industry

The stress of planning and building a project is not lost on our professionals. Code Administrators focuses on providing flexible and accurate guidance when it comes to planning, reviewing, inspecting, and enforcing codes. Our goal is to eliminate pain points throughout the process while remaining true to your unique vision.

While we serve multiple parties as municipal consultants, we also feel a sense of responsibility to the structure itself, which should retain its integrity and strength beyond today’s occupancy. Code Administrators wants to ensure that every structure we inspect is up to code, safe and capable of enduring.

Plan Review Process

An important step in the code compliance process is the plan review. Where speed, quality and accuracy are concerned, Code Administrators stands with the best in the business across the nation. Reviewing your plans at the outset affords us a valuable look at your project’s future, allowing us to anticipate potential issues down the line and ensure that your facility is completed on time, budget, and to your satisfaction.

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Code Administrators is fully equipped and staffed to inspect projects and facilities of every size, type, and condition, with every effort to be both efficient and prompt. Our professionals determine whether work completed matches up to the plans, or if changes must be made to obtain compliance. Should an inspection happen to identify compliance issues, we will inform you and then collaborate with you to ensure these issues are corrected and your project remains on schedule. The function of our inspections is to ensure that any work being performed on site is done so in accordance with the approved plans and all applicable codes: a process streamlined using an advanced digital project management system.

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Code enforcement for the digital age

Most code enforcers are still relying on paper, faxes and snail mail to get the job done, which only serves to make you wait around while you are losing valuable time. We have transitioned to the use of emerging technology to give our specialists all of the important details in real time. Whether we have an inspector on site or you need to make an emergency call to one, they can call your plans up in a matter of seconds to give you immediate feedback.

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The Two Most Frequently Asked Questions We Receive

1. Do I need a permit?

More often than not, the answer to this question is “yes.” Please feel free to view our resources page for a list of projects that require permits.

2. Why?

Permits are more than just legal requirements—they provide an assurance to a facility’s occupants. Individuals who live, work, shop or dine deserve to know that the structure is completely free of hazards. It is a responsibility to the public that we take seriously.