Plan reviews and inspections you can trust.

With more than 20 years in the building code industry, Code Administrators has helped facilities of all sorts and sizes navigate the local municipality codes for building and construction. We’re ready to assist in planning, reviewing your project, inspecting the facility, and making sure your vision becomes a reality.

Why Choose Us


Inspections within 24 hours

We understand that in construction, time is money. That’s why we’ve streamlined our process to make things fast and efficient for you.

15-minute show up window

No more waiting around, wondering when your inspector will show up. Our 15-minute show up window means you can plan your work day with confidence.

Knowledgeable staff

All of our inspectors and plan reviewers are cross-trained across multiple disciplines, enabling them to handle any type of residential or commercial project.

Great communication

We employ a full administrative staff who are always on-hand to answer your questions, because you deserve better than automated answering systems.

Accelerate the process with digital technology

We’ve transitioned to digital technology to give our specialists all of the important details in real time. Your inspector can bring your plans up in a matter of seconds to give you immediate feedback.

Our Company | Yesterday and Today

Code Administrators was founded in 1996 by Jason and Annette Stevens. Annette was at the ready to handle all of the administrative tasks, which freed Jason up to be on-site as often as the job required. The husband-wife duo operated the company for three years before hiring additional inspectors and expanding the administrative staff.

Today, our third-party, full-service municipal consulting company is growing stronger and better than ever. Jason and Annette’s son and daughter have since joined as integral parts of the team, whose real mission is to keep things around the office fun and light, while ensuring their work in the field is top-notch, accurate, and efficient.

To the people who know us and have worked with us for years, our office is a hangout spot they can come to for some fun banter or to pet all the dogs we have lounging around. And there are a lot of dogs some days, trust us.

To the homeowners, contractors, or designers who call us, we’re the consultants ready to help them make their blueprints a (safe) reality. But in the end, they’re all simply people and there’s always something to discuss—or dogs to pet.

Once you work with us, you’ll see what we’re talking about!


Our Values

We value our team members equally. At Code Administrators, everyone is on the same footing. The same goes for the people we service—we’re not interested in pushing a specific agenda, viewpoint, or opinion. Our main concern is ensuring compliance with state and local municipality codes.

With us, we guarantee you’ll get the facts you need to see your plans through to completion. In our day-to-day, we deal with everyone from engineers and professional designers to homeowners and farmers. Our job is to educate and assist you so that your plan can move through the application and permit process as quickly as possible.

Our state-of-the-art digital project management system will take days, or even weeks, off the process, providing you with an effective and efficient experience. Doing things digitally gives our inspectors the ability to assess your plan and structure at a moment’s notice, saving you both time and money.

“Value engineering” often refers to specifying and installing products at a lower cost, to the detriment of the project’s quality. Although we understand the desire to save a few dollars, we’re not interested in sacrificing a superior result for a lower price tag.

Code Administrators is a full-service consultant because we believe this model best benefits our commercial and residential clients. When you work with us, you get our experience, our time, our guidance and our quality—all with a heart for incredible customer service. Our mission is to give you the resources you need to ensure code compliance, from the moment you call us to the project’s completion.