Commercial Projects

In construction, money and time are the two most important metrics by which a project is measured.

Code Administrators is well versed in commercial projects and building codes related to accessibility, demolition, fire alarm detection systems, and more. In fact, the types of commercial projects are virtually endless—and fortunately, our staff brings comprehensive experience to every project.

Preliminary reviews & initial meetings

The time you have budgeted for your project is important to us, and we will do whatever we can to adapt and be flexible to help you meet deadlines. The best thing you can do to start the process is send us plans to review or give us a call. Understanding the scope of your project enables us to provide you with the clearest guidance early on to help you avoid delays, setbacks, or additional costs/work.

The process from start to finish

  • Give us a call about your project with any questions, or discuss your project’s scope and timeline.
  • Submit your permit application with your construction documents and we will review them for compliance with all applicable codes.
  • We review your plans, discuss your project and ask questions to understand your timeline.
  • We will inspect your project as it progresses during construction, culminating in the issuance of final approval.
  • Finally, we will submit your project's finalized paperwork to the municipality, who will contact you when your Occupancy Certificate is issued and available for pickup.

Just give us a call at:

Lancaster: 717-859-3350 | York: 717-755-9120

With one phone number, you’ll have access to a hub of information and contacts to ensure the job is handled efficiently and completely. There is always someone in the office to answer our phones. But, if you need the help of one of our expert inspectors (who either happen to be out in the field, or making poor choices by cheering for the Eagles on game day), we have the capability to forward calls and voicemail so that the inspector you’re trying to reach has all of your information the moment it’s sent.

Download Building Permit Application