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Susquehanna Logistics

Susquehanna Logistics was designed and constructed as a "shell" warehousing facility to serve one to six tenants. The one-story, 495,000 square foot building was designed as a high-pile rack storage unlimited area building with an ESFR fire sprinkler system to allow for versatile storage commodity classifications.

The noncombustible construction utilized tilt-up concrete walls that were poured on-site and a steel frame roof system to facilitate a fast track construction schedule. A phased submittal and approval process allowed construction to proceed during the development of the complete construction documents.

The shell facility was completed in August 2016 and became available for tenant build out. A tenant proposed occupancy for November 1, 2016, which required the design and construction to move fluidly together. The immediate priority of reviewing racking, fire protection, and office design required a one day plan review turn around to meet the tenant's aggressive schedule and necessity to receive product on the set completion date.

Daily inspections for the 45 days of construction allowed for a constant exchange of information and solidified the commitment of all parties to complete the project on time.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters' 1 million square foot internet fulfillment center was designed and built under two years from the initial concept. The structure was designed for high-pile rack storage with an automated rack pick system and 8 miles of in-place conveying systems. A two story office, locker rooms, and the noncombustible construction utilized tilt-up concrete walls that were poured on-site and steel frame mezzanine, 2nd floor, & roof systems. An advanced infrastructure provides multiple electrical services, back-up generators, auxiliary generator connections. The electrical system is supplemented by one of North America's largest rooftop solar array co-generating 4.1 megawatts.

The construction schedule required inspections everyday for the first 12 months of the project with two inspections per day provided during the peak of concrete and underground utility installations.

Clio Health

Clio Health is an innovative hospital design leading the medical industry to the next level of technological advancement. The four story structure of 137,000 square feet will provide diagnostic services on the first floor with operatory and patient rooms on the remaining three stories. Presently under construction the innovated technology is progressing as the project rise from the foundation.