Residential Projects

We want you to love what you’ve designed, which means we’ll do everything we can to keep the vision you put down on paper compliant and safe. Home improvement can be daunting—but with the proper guidance, it can be accomplished with less strife!

Many improvements and alterations to a home, including decks, pools, hot tubs and finished basement projects require careful consideration of local municipal codes and regulations.

Working with us allows you to focus on the exciting parts of a home renovation, like choosing color palettes, brass or nickel doorknobs or the shape of your new swimming pool. Code Administrators will help finalize your blueprints so that they are compliant with state and municipal codes, leaving the creative part to you.

Code Administrators utilizes a digital project management system. This digital approach to code enforcement provides not only an excellent record-keeping system capable of putting your latest plans and information at our fingertips, but opens a seamless line of communication between you and our team of code enforcement officers, wherever they might be.

When you call us, we simply review your plans, inspect the project as it develops, and ensure that everything you have done is up to code and follows all regulations.

A mission focused on customer care and full-service consultation

When you choose Code Administrators to handle an inspection, enforce codes, or help you with the issuance of a permit, we get to work immediately. Typically, there will be a five-business-day turnaround time once your permit arrives at our office.

We believe the safety of a structure is important, which means working with you in a timely fashion to see the project finished on schedule.

Just give us a call at:

[Lancaster: (717) 859-3350] [York: (717) 755-9120]

When you call, you will have access to a hub of information and contacts to ensure the job is handled efficiently and completely. There is always someone in the office to answer our phones. But if you need the help of one of our experts, we can forward calls and voicemail directly to our inspectors.

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