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Code compliance has 3 main parts:

  • Permit Application and Approval

    Submitting required forms and documentation for approval and issuance

  • Inspections

    Inspection of construction for compliance verification

  • Use and Occupancy

    Getting your Certificate of Use and Occupancy—the end goal.

We’re here to help you with the permitting and inspection process so you can get your Certificate of Use and Occupancy in a timely manner.


What to Expect


Fast and Efficient Service

We understand that in construction, time is money. That’s why we can get you an inspection within 24 hours with a 15-minute show up window.

No more waiting around, wondering when your inspector will show up. Working with us means you can plan your work day with confidence.

Knowledgeable and Helpful Professionals

All of our inspectors and plan reviewers are cross-trained in multiple disciplines, enabling them to handle any type of residential or commercial project.

We also employ a full administrative staff who are always on-hand to assist you and address your concerns providing increased efficiency beyond an automated answering service.


State-of-the-Art Digital Technology

Code Administrators utilizes a digital permit management system. This digital approach to code enforcement provides not only an excellent record-keeping system capable of putting your latest plans and information at our fingertips, but opens a seamless line of communication between you and our team of professionals.


How We Help

Construction document reviews are an important step in the code compliance process. Reviewing the plans assists in identifying potential issues prior to construction and facilitates project completion on time, budget, and to your satisfaction.

We inspect all types of projects, with every effort to be both efficient and prompt. The function of inspections is to verify that work is being performed in accordance with the approved plans and all applicable codes.

Our inspection professionals determine if the work conforms to the plans or if changes must be made for compliance with the applicable codes. Should an inspection happen to identify compliance issues, we will inform you and then collaborate with you to ensure these issues are corrected and your project remains on schedule.

Customer Care and Full-Service Consultation

When you choose Code Administrators to handle an inspection, enforce codes, or help you with the issuance of a permit, we get to work immediately. CAI has a customer service goal of a five-business-day turnaround time once your permit arrives at our office.

We believe the safety of a structure is important, which means working with you in a timely fashion to see the project finished on schedule.

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